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Ularean Peace Mission
Ularaea communis
Ulareans have become increasingly uncommon in Britain since the early 1970s. Ulareans are the only aliens to have been deported from UK in living memory, when the last few were expelled just before the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
"Love is all you need" is the normal way to say hello to an Ularean. Their home planet is so full of love there hasn't been a war for 756 years, and even this was fought by making love to the enemy and sharing hallucinogenic substances. Talking to these peace-guzzlers can be a little boring as they speak very slowly and end every sentence with the word "man".

Ularean Peace Mission Fact Box

Height - 220 250 cm

Intelligence - Fairly bright but could do better.

Food - Mushrooms, grass, weeds.

Strength - Not bad in an arm wrestling match.

How many are in Britain? - 0.

Notable Features - No nipples.


Learn to speak Ularean

No that's what I'm saying - Waad srant piii unch ruupit.
I know what you mean man - Unch trenp piii liii senlod oool.
Peace man - Gelley orgtewakto oool.



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