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Syddrian Bile Syphon
Syphosyddra disgusticus
Bile Syphons are most often seen during the festival of "Tasslemas" when they meet in towns near Birmingham to celebrate by
"Brum-gungking", highlights of which are shown towards the end of news bulletins on Syddria.
These huge gut blobs feed by sucking the juices from the stomach of their victims. They are slow but extremely strong, and can suck all the belly bile from a human in three seconds. If you are on the Slime Plains of planet Syddria in early June, look out for male Bile Syphons doing their famous "tassle dance" to attract a female. It is strange to see such a horrible snot grub performing such a beautiful act!

Syddrian Bile Syphon Fact Box

Height - 150-290 cm

Intelligence - Reasonable for a blob monkey.

Food - Bile juice.

Strength - Arms like pythons.

How many are in Britain? - 700 - 1000.

Notable Features - Syddrian slime tastes like peppermint.


Learn to speak Syddrian

May I have the next tassle-dance? - Lollonla la lelles lon lellalalon lanlaslal?
I want to go to Birmingham - La loollolon lol Birminghamla..
May I suck your guts? - Lollonla la linlallos lullalla ellallellanla?



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