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 The Prince of Creebu
Creebus regianus
The Prince of Creebu can sometimes be seen in Cornwall where he maintains a holiday home, although he hasn't used it since 1973. There are also permanent Creeban ambassadors in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin.
Creebu is a rich and happy planet, and all Creebans love their Prince. Such is the Prince's popularity that his enthusiasm for crop rotation, chamber music and basket weaving has resulted in these activities becoming national sports and very little else is shown on Creeban television. Creebans generally make excellent neighbours, although very few reside in the UK as they don't like the smell.

The Prince of Creebu Fact Box

Height - Height 170-210 cm

Intelligence - High, but one doesn't like to bang on about it.

Food - Organically grown vegetables and a little wild game.

Strength - Average.

How many are in Britain? - Only 1 Prince but about 100 other Creebans in Britain.

Notable Features - Superb pronounciation.


Learn to speak Creeban

Can I help you? - May one endeavour to do what one can?
That's good - How frightfully wonderful.
I love you - One is in love, whatever that is supposed to mean.



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