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Lord Parnos of Vandra
Vandrandodindadanus vandrandodindadanae
Tens of thousands of Vandran refugees, fleeing torture by Parnos, which includes round-the-clock reality TV shows, now live in camps across Southeast England. Many Vandrans have complained about the lack of quality upholstery in these refugee camps.
Vandrans live in fear of their crazy leader Lord Parnos. Hail Parnos! Lord Parnos has banned anything that begins with the letter "T". This includes teeth, toes, telephones and toilets. If you want to go on holiday to Vandra you must ask a dentist to take out all your teeth and, even worse, you must leave your mobile telephone at home!  

Lord Parnos of Vandra Fact Box

Height - Height 270-320 cm

Intelligence - Too mad to tell.

Food - Pickled Moles, Dog's Cheese, Aftershave.

Strength - Superhuman.

How many are in Britain? - 50,000 - 100,000 and increasing.

Notable Features - Vandrans have no fingernails.


Learn to speak Vandran

Down with Parnos! - Druugi entinto.
A one way ticket to London please - Pontch eart-la Lundondra on wellmis.
Which way to the benefits office? - Arlagnoo relintu ae non lestar?



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