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 Goo Worm of Karteep
Wurmoliada pusslimes

Goo Worms came to Earth when Karteepians started dumping their rubbish in government offices. Now almost every public buildling in Britain has at least one Goo Worm.

This disgusting creature is a dreadful pest on planet Karteep where it used to collect taxes and it is becoming increasingly common in Britain. Check your house for Goo Worms, usually the first sign of them is their green pus oozing out of the walls. There is a waiting list of three years to have these maggot beasts removed, and it is very expensive, but not as expensive as having to pay Goo Worm tax. Be sure to have Goo Worm insurance or you might have to get a job as a dog food taster to pay for removal.

Goo Worm of Karteep Fact Box

Length - 250 - 450cm

Intelligence - Surprisingly good at maths!

Food - Any type of waste material.

Strength - The body odour is the strongest thing about this creature.

How many are in Britain? - 500,000 - 1,000,000.

Notable Features - Wonderful skin.


Learn to speak Karteepian

Welcome to Karteep! - Scccchhhlllewwwp
Where is the town hall? - Scccchhhlllewwwp
May I have a raspberry ice cream? - Scccchhhlllewwwp

Note: The Karteepian language is not known for its richness.



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