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 Emperor Hurgas of Krindoo
Crindulates regianus
Krindoon armies attacked Norfolk in 1983, in order to destroy weapons of mass distruction which turned out to be potato storage facilities. Pea farmers using guerrila tactics defeated the Krindoons and some warriors are still hiding not knowing that the war is over.
Krindoons are slightly paranoid and are convinced that every other planet in the universe is preparing to invade their home. The result is that Emperor Hurgas leads his people into war across the Universe and the average Krindoon's knowledge of planets other than their own is confined to whether they have invaded them or are going to invade them soon. If you see a Krindoon Warrior doing his shopping do not go near it unless you have a chainsaw to cut off its legs, nothing else will stop it kicking you in the guts.

Emperor Hurgas of Krindoo Fact Box

Height - 250-270cm

Intelligence - What's that?

Food - Anything that can be toe-sliced.

Strength - Far stronger than is good for the universe.

How many are in Britain? - No more than 6 or 7.

Notable Features - Great yodelling voices.


Learn to speak Krindoon

You are either with us or against us - Vas mastouv ungatok hyunt fool ingatook hyunt.
You can come out now, the war is over - Vas oongatik yool, gazagsok yund.
They are potato barns not nerve gas factories - Ben munwot can mlein vavanwood rag tan.



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