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 Death Hand of Radfar
Radfarafua palmisquashulii
Few Death Hands have been seen in the wild in Britain: the last sighting was in 1987 at a pipe factory in Grimsby. A herd has been kept in Stranraer zoo since 1715 when the 6th Laird declared them "sharp of tooth and fair of buttock".
This beast is sent by the Radfarians to kill their enemies. Death Hands are very strong and can slice humans into spaghetti with one slash of the hand. British police estimate that every year about twenty people are killed by these skull-crushers. Despite their ferocity a number of people continue to insist that Death Hands are suitable pets for small children and this has resulted in several ghastly mauling incidents.

Death Hand of Radfar Fact Box

Height - 220-240cm

Intelligence - About as bright as a shopkeeper.

Food - Entrails, Brains & Bone.

Strength - Like an elephant on steroids.

How many are in Britain? - 50 -100.

Notable Features - Breath like a dog's bottom.


Learn to speak Radfarian

1 Umpawat
2 Umpawat umpawat
3 Umpawat umpawat

10 Ompawat
11 Ompawat umpawat
12 Ompawat umpawat

20 Impawat
30 Empawat
40 Ampawat
50 Ampawat ompawat

You get the idea?



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