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Cartoon Links

Geofftoons - Cartoons, Comics and Humourous Illustrations.

John Klosser Cartoons - Law and technology cartoons.

Monty - Daily comic strip, one of my favourites.

Off The Mark - Hundreds of cartoons archived by subject. - Official Peanuts website.

The Simpsons - The official website.

Toonhound - Info on British
cartoon, animation, comic strip and puppet creations of the past, present and future.

Alien Links

Alien Central - Aliens, crop circles and conspiracy theories.

Alienation - Top site list for everything related to UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Aliens & UFOs Among Us - Alien and UFo sightings and much more. - Forum for discussion of UFOs, aliens, conspiracies, the paranormal, crop circles and any related topics.

Talk Aliens - Forum for discussing aliens and related subjects.

My Other Websites

Bird Nerd - Local patch birdwatching in United Kingdom.

Book Review Blog - Short book reviews - updated regularly.

Dartford Waffler - My birdwatching and wildlife diary.

Thaibirding - Free information, maps, checklists, news and trip reports on birdwatching in Thailand.

My Squidoo Lenses

10 Great Mel Gibson Movies - Video clips of 10 of Mel Gibson's best movies.

10 Memorable Eurovision Songs - Video clips of 10 Eurovision songs.

10 Wonderful Bird Videos - Ten video clips which showcase some remarkable aspects of bird behaviour including a crow making a hook to retrieve food.

Adopt a Wild Animal For Conservation - A list of charities that run animal adoption schemes to fund nature conservation.

Asterix Books by Goscinny and Uderzo - All the Asterix books in the collection.

Asterix The Gaul - The Characters - Information on a large number of Asterix characters, Gauls and Romans.

Bangkok Photo Album - A selection of photos from around Bangkok with accompanying information and links.

Birdwatching and Wildlife Blog - About how using a blog and a digital camera has renewed my enthusiasm for a variety of wildlife.

Birdwatching Equipment That I Can Personally Recommend - Information about the birdwatching equipment that I use.

Birdwatching in Asia - Information on birdwatching in Asia.

Birdwatching in Britain - My Favourite Birds - An article about my favourite birds of Britain.

Birdwatching in India - My Favourite Birds - An article about my favourite birds of India.

Birdwatching in Thailand - My Favourite Birds - An article about my favourite birds of Thailand.

Birdwatching in Thailand - Information - Suggestions on birdwatching trips to Thailand.

Birdwatching in Thailand Website - All about and its aims.

Birdwatching in Thailand - Where to Watch Birds in Thailand - A rundown of birdwatching locations in Thailand.

Birdwatching Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Secrets - Information on the essentials of birdwatching and on how to maximise your birdwatching experience.

Book Reviews - About my Book Review Blog.

Book Reviews - Ten Quick Reviews - 10 short book reviews.

Chiang Rai Guesthouse: Bread and Butter Cottage - Information on Bread and Butter Cottage, Chiang Saen.

Dr Seuss Bookmark Collection - Bookmarks based on Dr Seuss stories.

Dr Seuss Books - The complete list of Dr Seuss children's books.

Dr Seuss Clocks - Wall clocks and alarm clocks based on Dr Seuss stories.

Dr Seuss Floor Puzzles - Floor puzzles featuring Dr Seuss characters.

Dr Seuss Games - Games based on Dr Seuss characters.

Dr Seuss Hat Collection - Crazy hats from a Dr Seuss theme.

Dr Seuss Collection - All my web pages about Dr Seuss.

Dr Seuss Novelty Ties - Ties featuring Dr Seuss characters.

Dr Seuss Pencils - Pencils, pencil sharpeners and erasers featuring pictures of Dr Seuss characters.

Dr Seuss Plush Toys - Soft toys of Dr Seuss characters.

Dr Seuss T Shirt Collection - T-shirts based on Dr Seuss stories and characters.

ESL Lessons: Story Writing for Elementary Students - Guidance on how to get elementary language students to write stories.

ESL Lessons: Using Food Chains in Language Teaching - A guide to using food chains, food webs and food pyramids in language teaching.

Fifth Element Movie Clips - Video clips from the movie The Fifth Element.

Free Printable Animal Card Game - 40 cards to print which comprise an animal trump card game.

Green Eggs and Ham - About the excellent Dr Suess book, with video clips and a collection of Green Eggs and Ham products.

Green Eggs and Ham in 8 Languages - The famous Dr Seuss story in 8 different translations.

Green Eggs and Ham Recipe - How to cook Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham Video Clips - Video clips featuring the Dr Seuss story.

Great Gifts for Bird Lovers - A selection of gifts suitable for bird lovers.

Helm Bird Identification Guides - A catalogue of all the books in this excellent series.

How to be a Good Birdwatcher - Tips and secrets on how to improve birdwatching skills and input into bird conservation.

How to Create Free Thumbnail Galleries and Share Your Photos - Information on how to use the shareapic website to create free thumbnail galleries.

How to Get Your Book Reviewed - How to get your book featured on Book Review Blog.

How to Make Quality Flashcards - Advice on how to make high quality, long-lasting flashcards to use in the classroom.

How to Make Thai Green Curry - The ingredients and recipe for Thai Green Curry.

How to Reuse and Recycle Envelopes Using Sticky Labels - Information on envelope recycling.

How to Use the Skytrain in Bangkok - A step-by-step guide on using Bangkok's Skytrain.

Iznogoud Books - All about the Iznogoud series of cartoon books by Goscinny and Tabary.

Lorax Movie - Information on the Lorax movie and videos.

Lorax T Shirt - A collection of t-shirts featuring Dr Seuss's the Lorax.

Methane and Climate Change - How methane contributes to climate change.

Monty Python and The Holy Grail - Video clips and merchandise from the movie.

My Sunbirds in Bangkok - About the Olive-backed Sunbirds that visit my balcony.

My Top Ten Books - Fiction - A list of my favourite fictional books.

My Top Ten Movies - A list of my favourite movies.

Nick Upton's Lensography - All the squidoo lenses I have made.

Novelty Dr Seuss Mug Collection - Dr Seuss coffee mugs.

Online Book Reviews - Information on my book review blog.

Royalty Free Bird Clip Art - A selection of bird clipart free to use.

Royalty Free Photos - A collection of web pages that offer royalty free photos.

Royalty Free Photos - Bangkok - A large selection of photos taken in Bangkok, Thailand.

Royalty Free Photos - Buildings - A large selection of photos of buildings.

Royalty Free Photos - Butterflies - A large selection of royalty free photos of butterflies.

Royalty Free Photos - Dragonflies - A selection of photos of dragonflies and damselflies.

Royalty Free Photos - Flowers - A large selection of flower photos.

Royalty Free Photos - Insects - A selection of insect photos.

Royalty Free Printable Animal Coloring Pages - Animal coloring pages to print free.

Save The Rainforests - How to help save rainforest by buying an acre or two.

Squidoo Security Words - Fabricated definitions of silly words.

Star Wars Lensography - Links to a large collection of Star wars lenses.

Ten Great Comedy Movies - Video clips of ten very funny movies.

Ten Great War Movies - Video clips of ten superb war movies.

Thailand Temple Pictures - A selection of pictures of beautiful Thai temples.

Thailand Travel Advice: 10 Memorable Things To Do In Bangkok - Ten things to do in Bangkok.

Thailand Travel Advice: 10 Things To Avoid Doing in Thailand - Information on cultural aspects and scams.

Thailand Travel Advice: Lopburi, City of Temples and Monkeys - All about Lopburi's temples and monkeys.

The Best 5 Books by Dr Seuss - About my favourite 5 Dr Seuss books.

The Best Movie Battle Scenes of All Time - Video clips of 20 excellent movie battles.

The Life of Birds - About the BBC television series of the same name, includes an amazing video.

The Lorax by Dr Seuss - All about the classic book, "The Lorax".

The Sneetches by Dr Suess - All about the classic children's book, "The Sneetches".

The Twits by Roald Dahl - Information on this crazy kids' book.

What Is The Adarna Bird? - Information on this Philippine legend.



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