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Welcome to The Guide to the Aliens of Britain

This website has been developed to provide the first guide to all the alien species that have been recorded in Britain.

Years of research in conjunction with experts in the field of aliens and consultation with the government (who had no idea how many aliens were in the country) have resulted in this up-to-date and continuously growing guide to aliens.

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New Aliens
  Emperor Hurgas of Krindoo
Although humiliated by an army of pea farmers in the Norfolk War, Krindoo continues to invade other planets.
  Ularean Peace Mission
If the Ulareans ruled the Universe there would be no war. Unfortunately they were expelled from Britain when their visas expired.
  Syddrian Bile Syphon
Tassle dancing Bile Syphons from the cube-shaped planet of Syddria are particularly common around Birmingham.
  Prince of Creebu
This member of the Creeban royal family is extremely popular but is now a rare visitor to Britain.
  Lord Parnos of Vandra
Parnos is the craziest leader since Caligula, Vandrans are fleeing their planet in their thousands and they are coming to Britain!
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